Letters from the Editor

The fishing industry casts a wide net

Boating and fishing draw participants with the same strong magnet. Both activities promise fun, relaxation, family time, the great outdoors, adventure and so on.

Retention is tied to time on the water

Boats don’t like to sit for extended periods of time on the hard or in their slips. Things deteriorate faster during prolonged idleness — systems and parts stiffen, freeze, gum up and so on. Boats like to be underway.

The lifestyle transcends the boat’s price tag

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, too, is affordability. After all, one person’s yacht is another’s runabout. It all depends on your perspective — and what you can afford.

Industry has the work, needs more workers

Early this year, when the financial markets were plummeting and the “R” word was back in the headlines and in conversations, I spoke with a boatbuilder who referred to himself and his colleagues as “canaries in a coal mine.”

The big-tent approach: Everyone is welcome

Success in our industry will continue to be determined by the economy and its allies, from consumer confidence and employment to the stability of financial markets. Growth in boating also will be influenced by demographics, from population shifts to generational trends, with their effects on everything from culture to the economy.

Bertram is returning, dayboats are trending, Cuba is beckoning

Who isn’t rooting for a successful comeback from Bertram? The iconic brand was such a big part of this industry, starting in the early fiberglass years, that it seemed a shame to watch it wither away. And the deep-vee hull that Dick Bertram built his company’s smooth-riding reputation on (kudos to designer Ray Hunt) is…more

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