Management Perspective

Overcoming bullying in the workplace

She’s amazingly insightful for her years. I’m talking about my niece Paige. Her experience with a grade-school bully and how well she handled it came back to me when I was browbeaten recently at work — yup, at work. More on Paige later.

The art of negotiating and motivating

Another year. The election is over, and the aftermath will be with us for years. Look at the stats: 50-plus percent on one side and 50-minus percent on the other. Change is forecast, and everyone has a different hope for that change.

Weeding out the dissident employee

Hire or fire? As a manager you’re dealing with both, and neither is easy. Finding and hiring the right talent can be challenging and rewarding, but firing can be painful.

From political talk to workplace reality

October has been a memorable month on many fronts. The macroeconomic news has been good — more and more people have become employed; micro news is less so  — the employment growth is not evenly distributed across the country.

Rethinking the performance review

The Future of Everything. Have you heard about this magazine? The Wall Street Journal publishes it monthly as part of an addition to WSJ subscription issues. It’s a real eye-opener. Look for it in mid-September and be ready for new ways of thinking, although you may resist some of its ideas. (

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