Management Perspective

Sizing up opportunities: From potential to profit

What’s the most unusual boat you’ve ever seen? For me, it wasn’t a boat on the water — it was one in the sky. Spanning the top of three 55-story towers in Singapore, it’s a boat-shaped SkyPark, which boasts a restaurant, gardens, a pool and an observation deck.

A summer of reading for year-round value

Managers at all levels this June through August face a critical decision: What to do for the summer vacation? Whether you and your family make a trip to the mountains or to the seaside, your children will be seeking excitement and all things new if you can ensure that their electronic gear stays home.

You’re an influencer: Hone this vital skill

I was tracking my online purchase like an excited kid. When it was delivered, a goofy grin spread across my face. There it was, my new tablet computer. You know how it is — new gadget, new features, new stuff!

Motivational nuggets in the Colorado snow

February and March brought snow to the Northeast and even the Southeast. Plows were busy and salt prices rose as demand increased. In the West, there was generally less snow than people hoped there would be, but the water sports industry found lots of it in Steamboat Springs, Colo., during their 2014 Summit in the…more

Account for tomorrow in setting today’s goals

They have never known a world that did not have the Internet. They grew up enchanted by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. At age 9 they witnessed the launch of a cyber-phenomenon called Facebook.


Smart supervisory ideas learned while managing

As you read this month’s column I am in Switzerland teaching and working with business groups. The topic: improving management across cultures. To prepare for the five-week assignment I needed to have current views on U.S. management to share. Luckily, a business client of mine wanted personality assessments discussed with each manager who had responded…more

Smart, successful practices of genuinely humble leaders

After nearly 18 months of selling, moving, waiting and moving again I finally arrived in my new home. With all the settling in I found myself looking for “one thing” several times over. For the window coverings the one thing I wanted was someone who knew how to hang them straight without punching loads of…more

How can you motivate low-wage employees?

The typical investor generally looks for several things: relative safety of principal, above-average return on principal (dividends, for example) and growth in the value of an investment (a stock’s price rises.) Investors have been rather pleased in recent months. Returns have grown and prices have climbed. A business also wants to achieve the best possible…more

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