Management Perspective

Resolve to foster trust up and down the ranks

What do you know about the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? Good Housekeeping magazine is a basic component of the publishing business — especially of magazines that target women — and it has a readership of about 1.5 million. The GH Seal was recently featured on the “CBS Sunday Morning” news program, which traced the…more

Seven qualities we seek in leaders during a crisis

Autumn had been dry, too dry. Before winter officially arrives in Colorado it often drives by in the early fall with a white dusting in September or a slushy snowstorm on Halloween. That was not the case in 2012. After several weeks of temperatures that were 20 degrees higher than normal, worrisome thoughts were forming…more

Take care of your brain: Your reward? More ideas

The lines were huge. Nerds, geeks and electronics enthusiasts waited to be among the first to snap up the most advanced personal device on the planet — the iPhone 5. For cellphone fanatics it was a major “I’m cool” coup. Or was it? The new version is packed with terrific features, but it didn’t have…more

Plot a strategy to reach mobile-device users

BYOB has been around forever. Bring Your Own Beer or Bring Your Own Booze has long been a staple of potluck party planning. Now the “BYO” designation has a new cousin, and its primary focus goes far beyond drinking. BYOD is here. What does the “D” stand for? If you have to ask, you know…more

Like Obama and Romney, you need to build a brand

“This is Mitt Obama and I approve this message.” Have you heard enough of that — for a lifetime? The season of campaign ads should be over by the time you read this or will be in a few days. After talking with business leaders in blue and red states, I believe we have learned…more

Eight characteristics to look for when hiring

Exciting change can include leaving something special behind. In my case, this meant saying goodbye to a boatload of memories and a block filled with great neighbors. The change? I sold my house and will be closer to family. I was eager to downsize but not eager to deal with moving. Wading through mountains of…more

Can you see problems through another’s eyes?

You must be “the change” that you desire in your organization. That’s a slight modification of a famous statement that Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi made, and it was a theme at a recent “change” workshop for a group of 30 mid- to upper-level business leaders across several industries in the Mid-Atlantic region.…more

Time to quit the foxhole: Buyers are coming back

Twelve thousand cookies. I walked into a supermarket not long ago and saw several hundred packages of my favorite chocolate sandwich cookies stacked in a colossal display by the front door. Of course, I had to quickly factor a rough estimate — it looked like more than 500 packs. That’s about 12,000 little Frisbees of…more

Four summertime reads for relaxation and growth

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” That lyric might remind us of iced tea, watermelons, canoeing, the ol’ swimmin’ hole, water skiing or other childhood activities. We were having fun, but we were also learning new skills or new ways of expressing ourselves. You might recall having a book for summer reading, enabling you to…more

Above-average management and employees required

With exceptionally pleasant weather providing encouragement, my sister and I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon by meeting for lunch and hitting the mall for retail therapy. While waiting for our food, we strategized our shopping approach like huntresses seeking prey — makeup, shoes and a super sale on spring jackets — essential sustenance. As we finished…more

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