Management Perspective

Three questions to help you lead more effectively

The 21st century is often referred to as the “Knowledge Century” by business pontificators. Just how do managers gain this “knowledge” that will propel them ahead professionally? Traditionally, it was gained on the job. Managers tended to stay with an employer for long periods, and the knowledge was specific to that firm. Such knowledge assured…more

Establish an e-mail trail and close the sale

Impulse. A well-known discount retailer near my home carries everything from hip clothing to furniture, along with a full line of groceries. This means I can buy my cake and a seat or two all in the same place. Even better, the checkout line surrounds me with eye-catching must-haves gleefully chanting “buy me now.” The…more

When the going gets tough, call in a capable consultant

What do these situations have in common? In the last month, the city council of a 100,000-population locale in Virginia announced the planned departure of its city manager and the need to search for a replacement. At about the same time, the school superintendent of an adjacent county announced a move to the St. Louis…more

Your ‘MAP’ to recovery: money, assets and people

I sniffed the awakening aroma of fresh toast and avoided the light switch, opting instead for the first ray of sunrise. My eyes shifted to a glimmer across the room. A laser beam of sunlight pierced the edges of my kitchen window with a steady brilliance. The first glimmer of morning light had a radiant…more

Taking the ‘green’ concept beyond the environment

No, not red, white and blue – green. The word is gaining popularity in many quarters. Changed your light bulbs at home? Perhaps you have seen the “Green Manual for Dummies.” Former Vice President Al Gore received a 2007 Nobel Prize for his creation of a significant awareness campaign about global warming. The effort moved…more

Knock, Knock … Who’s at your virtual front door?

Ten thousand. That’s a number I heard on the radio as the unofficial record for the most text messages sent by one person in a month’s time. I heard the number, arched my brow, and grabbed a calculator. With 16 waking hours a day, that’s three text messages a minute. Sounds like we’re talking serious…more

‘Reinvent’ your organization using this 7-theme approach

Leading-edge companies are using the economic downturn to re-examine their employee pools – both managerial and    non-managerial. Will the people on board now be able to jump ahead to capitalize on the growth potential on the horizon? Are you one of those who would survive the “new tests” that might be applied in deciding who…more

Managing in a tight market: three tips from a boat show

Listen closely – can you hear it? I do. It’s the big sound of ‘quiet.’ With tough market conditions, you can’t help but notice how quiet things are in selected places. Not long ago, I went out of town for the weekend and found the airport to be delightfully low key. Granted, I flew home…more

Part of your job these days is to control the fear factor

Managers, like most people, are almost reluctant to pick up the newspaper or watch the evening news for fear there will be more negative news about the economy. We are almost glued to the reports about economic indicators, negatively impacted business firms and political jockeying for attention on the best ways in which to solve…more

The winners will be those able to quickly shift gears

When my extended family comes over for dinner, it’s a loud and lively event. There’s plenty of food, conversation and laughter. Our goal is simple: polish off generous helpings of Italian food and wine and have a great time. With this goal in mind, I hosted a holiday dinner for 20 guests that didn’t quite…more

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