Management Perspective

Smooth the ups and downs by managing market stress

Freeze, freak or fight. These are common ways we react to stress. Want to try out all three in one big swoosh? Drive across town during rush hour — yeah, that’ll do it. Did you catch all three stress reactions? I did, both observed and applied (kidding, grin). If you’re a manager, another way to…more

Rewards and recognition can fuel your employees

Many of you will recall a management class, in college or as part of a leadership or management training program, where the focus was on competing philosophical approaches to management. Among the earliest ideas came from a 1960s psychologist, Douglas McGregor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his concepts of Theory X and Theory…more

Successful entrepreneurs focus on opportunities

A pizza parlor, an auto repair shop, a kitchen and bath remodeling store and a coffee shop. What do these businesses have in common? They’re all near my suburban home and owned by independent entrepreneurs. These spunky businesses survived the market reversal and continue to make a decent living alongside bigger national competitors. How do…more

Boomers and Gen Y’ers: Expect some conflict

A marine business, acting in the manner of Adam Smith, the pioneering 18th century economist, will tend to hire people with minimal qualifications and at lower pay rates than those it laid off two to four years ago as the economy was sliding. The new hires likely will be younger workers. In addition to ethnic…more

Job searches require a full-court press

Arriving at the office early to avoid traffic and get a jump on e-mail, I started the day like any other. With a second cup of hot tea steaming my face, I noticed it was nearly 8:30 a.m. when the phone rang.   I smiled and said hello to my vice president and then instinctively…more

Simple steps to shape organizational culture

Spring is almost here, and that can spell dollars for the marine industry, especially as the economy continues to improve and employment slowly rises. Now is the time to refresh and get ready for the new season. What would your employees have you do this year to improve the work setting, the bottom line and…more

Consumers have changed; adjust your expectations

Have you ever used electronic navigation devices to help you find your way? My cell phone has a navigation app I use when I’m traveling or in an unfamiliar part of town. Sometimes when I fire up the app, I start driving in a random direction, whether it’s the best way to go or not.…more

Avoid becoming the boss you always loved to hate

Let’s try a little self examination as we start the new year. First, take a sheet of paper. On one side, write “Positive” as the header. On the reverse side, write “Negative” as the header. Now try to think back to when you were in high school. Which teacher made the best impression on you?…more

Give your team a daily dose of positive energy

While speaking with a friend who is searching for a job, he told me he feels invisible. A former executive in the technology industry, he’s having a tough time getting an interview, not to mention finding work. The techniques he once used to generate energy and interviews are getting him nowhere. It’s not him. It’s…more

Do your employees really understand what you do?

Within about a week now, the political ads should disappear for 10 months at least. What a relief! Based on the multitude of TV ads I have seen in various markets, I decided I liked no candidate and that no one was honest … and that someone has too much money if they can spend…more

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