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The five Ps for maximizing trade-show participation

My sister and I recently took a trip to Southern California to see my oldest son for a long weekend. We had a blast. It was a quick escape where everything fell into place, resulting in time and money exceptionally well spent. What helped us have such a great travel experience? We made the effort…more

Taking your business cues from the ‘undercover boss’

If you were like many folks who watched the Super Bowl in February, you might also have watched the first segment of the newest CBS reality show “Undercover Boss.” While some of the segments during the last three months have been better than others – I am told many watchers are hooked on it –…more

Tug on their emotions to help seal the deal

My dinner dash is a fast visit to the grocery store to grab a few things for supper or replenish food staples like dark chocolate or bacon. I was doing the dash and standing in the self-checkout line when I noticed a man in front of me purchasing a bouquet of flowers. A quiet, appreciative…more

Employee engagement can boost performance

“Engagements” are often listed in the Sunday newspaper with pictures of a couple soon to be married. No, marriage is not the topic this month. Some business leaders keep an engagement calendar (also referred to as an appointment book, by some.) No, this is not the topic of the month, either. When you go to…more

Effective leadership is a marathon, not a sprint

Every six months I visit my dentist for a cleaning. It’s a quick fix; one hour later I have fresh, sparkling teeth. As I waited for my recent turn in the chair, I surveyed the patient pride wall displaying before-and-after pictures of dental success, including geeky kids with tin tracks bolted to their bicuspids. Years…more

Good or bad, feedback is a must in business

What do you think of feedback? Do you like to give it? Do you yell at football referees when they make a questionable call? What about that digital “thingamajig” you bought at Christmas … and took back a few days later because it did not work? And what did you yell at the slow clerk…more

The difficult task of laying off employees

Makeovers are big entertainment. Turn on the television, and there’s an extreme makeover taking place nearly every night. The ugly duckling girl is transformed into a breathtaking beauty, the old clunker car becomes a souped-up classic, or the dilapidated house miraculously morphs into a gorgeous home. Whatever the challenge, something is moved from one extreme…more

Three questions to help you lead more effectively

The 21st century is often referred to as the “Knowledge Century” by business pontificators. Just how do managers gain this “knowledge” that will propel them ahead professionally? Traditionally, it was gained on the job. Managers tended to stay with an employer for long periods, and the knowledge was specific to that firm. Such knowledge assured…more

Establish an e-mail trail and close the sale

Impulse. A well-known discount retailer near my home carries everything from hip clothing to furniture, along with a full line of groceries. This means I can buy my cake and a seat or two all in the same place. Even better, the checkout line surrounds me with eye-catching must-haves gleefully chanting “buy me now.” The…more

When the going gets tough, call in a capable consultant

What do these situations have in common? In the last month, the city council of a 100,000-population locale in Virginia announced the planned departure of its city manager and the need to search for a replacement. At about the same time, the school superintendent of an adjacent county announced a move to the St. Louis…more

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