Management Perspective

Give your team a daily dose of positive energy

While speaking with a friend who is searching for a job, he told me he feels invisible. A former executive in the technology industry, he’s having a tough time getting an interview, not to mention finding work. The techniques he once used to generate energy and interviews are getting him nowhere. It’s not him. It’s…more

Do your employees really understand what you do?

Within about a week now, the political ads should disappear for 10 months at least. What a relief! Based on the multitude of TV ads I have seen in various markets, I decided I liked no candidate and that no one was honest … and that someone has too much money if they can spend…more

Rethink your game plan — become a change champion

I held it in my hand and knew it was time to move on. Had I waited so long because I was comfortable, too busy or procrastinating? Yup, all of the above. It was my old cell phone. The little fossil was more than three years old; about 90 in cell phone years. My friends…more

Shining the CSI flashlight on your business practices

The three letters CSI are probably well known to you. During this fall, CBS will again offer us three versions of the popular TV show. And if you Google the magical three letters, you’ll find that many organizations have borrowed them for their own uses. School systems have had a series of summer camps centered…more

A light-and-lean business model yields fat-free results

I wish there was a triple-fudge, double-peanut, rocky-road ice cream with brownie bits that was light and lean, but there isn’t. Getting the “light” version of decadent, double-everything ice cream means saving a few calories, but the fat is still there. Now turn your thoughts away from food (this might be hard). Instead focus on…more

Rebooting as a manager, and answers to some FAQ

If you use a PC, you know well about the need to reboot from time to time. The big bank Wachovia now has erected giant billboards in some areas suggesting the need to “reboot your retirement plans.” This same idea is certainly applicable to one’s management philosophy and the manner in which that philosophy is…more

The five Ps for maximizing trade-show participation

My sister and I recently took a trip to Southern California to see my oldest son for a long weekend. We had a blast. It was a quick escape where everything fell into place, resulting in time and money exceptionally well spent. What helped us have such a great travel experience? We made the effort…more

Taking your business cues from the ‘undercover boss’

If you were like many folks who watched the Super Bowl in February, you might also have watched the first segment of the newest CBS reality show “Undercover Boss.” While some of the segments during the last three months have been better than others – I am told many watchers are hooked on it –…more

Tug on their emotions to help seal the deal

My dinner dash is a fast visit to the grocery store to grab a few things for supper or replenish food staples like dark chocolate or bacon. I was doing the dash and standing in the self-checkout line when I noticed a man in front of me purchasing a bouquet of flowers. A quiet, appreciative…more

Employee engagement can boost performance

“Engagements” are often listed in the Sunday newspaper with pictures of a couple soon to be married. No, marriage is not the topic this month. Some business leaders keep an engagement calendar (also referred to as an appointment book, by some.) No, this is not the topic of the month, either. When you go to…more

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