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P2P boat sharing model: Is it a wave of the future?

Although I’ve rented private vacation homes through VRBO during the past few years, this was my latest introduction to one aspect of the emerging reality known as the Sharing Economy, Peer-to-Peer Economy (P2P) or Collaborative Consumption.

Web videos put salesman where boaters go looking

“It’s not 1996 anymore. Everything has changed,” says Matt Sellhorst, who, like many involved in marketing, has had to reinvent himself in the wake of the digital revolution, the proliferation of information technology and the Great Recession.

Undervalued Gen X is boating’s sweet spot

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” If you watched Peter Finch make this dramatic declaration in the movie “Network” more than a generation ago, this column is for you.

The care and feeding of your online image

In 30-plus years as a public relations executive I’ve promoted what is currently called “reputation management.” This involves measuring and monitoring the reputation of a business, brand or individual, encompassing both online review and response to content. In many cases it also includes soliciting customers for testimonials and responding to customer problems or complaints.

The future of marketing: How to ride the wave

Contrary to what you may have read about this being the new Golden Age of television, what with all the buzz generated by the likes of cable’s “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” much of what we see on TV is forgettable entertainment. To paraphrase Marx, it’s the opiate of the masses.

MDCE panel on diversity will share success stories

I am absolutely thrilled to be presenting at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo this November. I’ll be moderating a panel discussion I pitched to the MRAA, titled “The New Faces of Boating.” The topic is diversity and the importance of embracing new markets. The boating industry is finally recognizing the opportunities represented by this…more


What these marketing pros know that you may not

Buying television advertising is a lot like going fishing. Every once in a while you drop a hook over the side and actually land a big one. Consider the new Bravo reality series “Below Deck.” A takeoff on the British TV series “Downton Abbey” and “Upstairs, Downstairs,” “Below Deck” chronicles the campy adventures of the…more

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