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CAPITOL LOOKOUT: A common-ground political solution

While Americans are enduring what many pundits say could be the ugliest presidential election in memory, one group is laying the groundwork for constructing a peace after the war. Their organization, No Labels, is based on the idea that there has always been common ground among Americans of all political persuasions and that Democrats, Republicans…more

Biker tour yields three ‘power lessons’

Thanks to all who took a virtual ride on the 2016 Boaterz n Bikerz of America Hull of a Tour: Pacific Coast Rush. It was an eight-day, 2,000-mile boating and motorcycling extravaganza from Seattle to California’s Big Sur, looping back to San Francisco. I blogged daily on the trip, thanks to the editorial perch provided…more

A message to millennials: The sharing of ideas trumps going it alone

As boomers age, boating’s sweet spot is fading, much like the memories of many members of this much-discussed generation. For example, who was it that said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept people like me as a member.” I always associated this quote with Woody Allen’s 1977 film “Annie Hall.”…more

Online focus groups bring new flexibility to a tried-and-true market research tool

Looking to validate important opinions about a product or service you are offering, or perhaps considering? Need to measure perception or response to an advertising campaign you are formulating? Rather than second-guessing or potentially making faulty (often costly) assumptions, investing in marketing research is a smart strategy that allows a company to test the water…more

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