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The next frontier is now within sight: It’s time to sell the sizzle

A marketing campaign can only do so much when the seas around you are receding and your market is shrinking. Although new blood is the lifeblood of growth for any industry, the fact is that much of the new-boat market has been on life support for decades. But there’s hope on the horizon. Here’s my…more

Online focus groups bring new flexibility to a tried-and-true market research tool

Looking to validate important opinions about a product or service you are offering, or perhaps considering? Need to measure perception or response to an advertising campaign you are formulating? Rather than second-guessing or potentially making faulty (often costly) assumptions, investing in marketing research is a smart strategy that allows a company to test the water…more

Our boats need to become as cool as boating itself is

Pulling up to a stoplight the other day in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., I looked around at the sea of cars surrounding me and was struck by what I saw — white cars to the left of me, black cars to the right and silver and gray cars in front and in my rear-view…more

A heartfelt ‘I’m sorry’ can soothe an angry customer

My last column shared the disappointment a group of us experienced during the Hull of a Tour-Freedom Ride when we stopped to tour the Harley-Davidson plant in York, Pa. I recounted a series of incidents that negatively impacted the perception of Harley-Davidson, even among die-hard owners and fans such as myself.

The wave of the future: It’s all about sharing

Memo to marine marketers, especially those of you in the business of building new boats: Are you tired of beating your head against the wall trying to find new customers from an ever-dwindling pool of prospects? If so, remember what James Carville said of the economy during the 1992 elections and send this message to…more

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