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Searching for solutions? Try a ‘mystery shopper’

Everybody loves a good mystery, right? Set up the plot, define the problem, integrate memorable characters, enter the hero or heroine and then set the traps to snag the culprits. All leading to a solution.

Ways of controlling information overload

Did you know there is another famous Albert Einstein besides the world-renowned scientist responsible for that elegantly cryptic formulation we all know as E=mc2 but really don’t understand?

Web videos put salesman where boaters go looking

“It’s not 1996 anymore. Everything has changed,” says Matt Sellhorst, who, like many involved in marketing, has had to reinvent himself in the wake of the digital revolution, the proliferation of information technology and the Great Recession.

Undervalued Gen X is boating’s sweet spot

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” If you watched Peter Finch make this dramatic declaration in the movie “Network” more than a generation ago, this column is for you.

The future of marketing: How to ride the wave

Contrary to what you may have read about this being the new Golden Age of television, what with all the buzz generated by the likes of cable’s “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” much of what we see on TV is forgettable entertainment. To paraphrase Marx, it’s the opiate of the masses.


What these marketing pros know that you may not

Buying television advertising is a lot like going fishing. Every once in a while you drop a hook over the side and actually land a big one. Consider the new Bravo reality series “Below Deck.” A takeoff on the British TV series “Downton Abbey” and “Upstairs, Downstairs,” “Below Deck” chronicles the campy adventures of the…more

Tracking the trends, we’re all in the same boat

Although growth has eluded recreational boating for what seems like ages, the industry can take some comfort in the fact that it’s not the only higher-end pastime without much wind at its back. Golf and thoroughbred horse racing are also suffering from a steady stream of dead air. As I was putting the finishing touches…more

Boating growth requires multi-generational effort

Once a brand name to which many aspired, the bloated Cadillacs rolling off Detroit’s assembly line in 1995 were being bought in ever-declining numbers by consumers with an average age of 63. Today, after nearly two decades of new products and hundreds of millions spent on advertising, the average age of a Cadillac owner has…more

Effective public relations enhances your marketing

While recreational boating may involve millions of boaters and billions of dollars, the fact is that boating’s marketing community is really rather small and tightly knit, with many practitioners handling everything from marketing to advertising and public relations. In such a small and competitive space, where most everyone knows everyone else, the ability to convey…more

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