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Borrowing from the factory side: ‘Lean’ works in marketing, too

It is interesting to note that in great times we tend to roll with everything. When things are positive, sales, profits and morale are all high. We sit in our offices and usually do not think twice about our processes. We’re so consumed with meeting demand — and delighted we’re making money — we often…more

Tough decisions in tough times

In true business fashion, drastic times call for executives to have the courage to make unpopular decisions to achieve long-term gains. That is what Brunswick chairman and CEO Dustan McCoy did when he decided to cease production of several BlueWater Marine brands — Sea Pro, Sea Boss, Palmetto and Laguna — with the upcoming 2009…more

Five steps a dealership can use to gain customers, build loyalty

When it comes to boat-buying customers, what’s your dream scenario? Let’s do this right. Sit back and close your eyes … can you see it? It looks something like this: The happy buyer has been your customer for years. Smiling broadly, he signs the papers and becomes the proud owner of a gleaming — loaded…more

Make time for demo days

Given today’s skittish consumer and tight times, the in-your-face approach probably is not the best technique for selling boats. A better approach is to entice the customer first with the joys of boating. That’s where demo days come in. The added value of such events could boost the dealers’ bottom lines and encourage potential buyers…more


Floorplan lenders have shown patience in toughest of times

Attorney Leonard Bellavia’s opinion piece in April’s Trade Only Forum has sparked considerable reaction among marine lenders. His observation that marine dealer defaults may be looming is real and timely. After the near failure of Bear Stearns, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke has now belatedly conceded that a recession is clearly possible. Mr. Bellavia’s…more

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