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A heartfelt ‘I’m sorry’ can soothe an angry customer

My last column shared the disappointment a group of us experienced during the Hull of a Tour-Freedom Ride when we stopped to tour the Harley-Davidson plant in York, Pa. I recounted a series of incidents that negatively impacted the perception of Harley-Davidson, even among die-hard owners and fans such as myself.

The wave of the future: It’s all about sharing

Memo to marine marketers, especially those of you in the business of building new boats: Are you tired of beating your head against the wall trying to find new customers from an ever-dwindling pool of prospects? If so, remember what James Carville said of the economy during the 1992 elections and send this message to…more

A fine plant tour turns PR disaster

Thanks to those of you who took the “virtual ride” with me on Boaterz n Bikerz of America: Hull of a Tour — The Freedom Ride via my blog, which appeared daily on Trade Only Today.

How to swim, not sink in a sea of information

What do our oceans and the Internet have in common? As in the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, unless you’re careful you can drown in the water as well as in the sea of information that is the World Wide Web.

15 crippling mistakes: Are you making them?

I’ve identified 15 major marketing mistakes. Take this quiz to see whether these blunders are negatively affecting your brand. Circle all of the numbers below that describe or reflect your company’s current marketing practices.

Congress may throw ad deduction overboard

If marine marketers didn’t have enough to worry about — what with the ongoing debate as to where to put their scarce advertising dollars in either old or new media — now comes Congress with a real “gem” for the new year. There are clear indications that our newly re-elected officials are actually toying with…more

Ways of controlling information overload

Did you know there is another famous Albert Einstein besides the world-renowned scientist responsible for that elegantly cryptic formulation we all know as E=mc2 but really don’t understand?

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