BioGuard Plus 6

Posted on Written by Chris Landry

58_valvtect_01ValvTect Petroleum has added BioGuard Plus 6 to its arsenal of fuel treatments, and it’s designed to prevent bacteria and address all other diesel-related problems.


“It eliminates the need for multiple products,” ValvTect vice president of marketing David Grochocki says. “We were taking orders at the distributor shows in the fall and now it’s readily available.” BioGuard Plus 6 is the only biocide approved by and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency that also includes six other components to prevent all diesel fuel problems, according to the company. It prevents algae and bacteria, and stabilizes fuel for as long as two years; prevents rust and corrosion; lubricates fuel pumps and injectors; disperses moisture to prevent sludge and corrosion; cleans injector deposits; and increases cetane to reduce smoke and soot, according to ValvTect. A quart, which treats 375 gallons, retails for $39.99, and a gallon, which treats 1,500 gallons, costs $120. Contact: ValvTect Petroleum, (800) 728-8258.

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue.

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