VF Series

Posted on Written by Chris Landry

56_pipeline_01Dutch manufacturer Vetus has launched in the United States a more fuel-efficient, quieter, lighter and more powerful diesel, the VF Series, according to the company.

Available in 4-cylinder (140 and 170 hp) and 5-cylinder (220 and 250 hp) models, the engines use common rail fuel injection and electronically controlled fuel injectors. The engines allow for better maneuverability in sterndrive applications and smoother vessel operation, according to Jay Stockmann, executive vice president of Vetus America. The engine utilizes the Variable Geometry Turbo technology from Garrett, which provides a boost throughout the entire rpm range, says Stockmann. The VF Series is also one of the lightest engines of its kind, with the 4-cylinder weighing in at 530 pounds and the 5-cylinder weighing 640 pounds. Dimensions for the 4-cylinder are 27 inches wide by 28 inches tall with a length of 27.5 inches. The 5-cylinder measures 28 by 28 inches by 32 inches. Pricing was unavailable. Contact: Vetus America, (410) 712-0740. www.vetus.nl/us

This article originally appeared in the February 2010 issue.

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