Safety on the water is important to the marine industry, but accidents happen. Builders, dealers, boatyards and other marine businesses can learn from them.

A huge fire destroyed the Annapolis Yacht Club, an institution in the city since 1886.

Investigators seek cause of Annapolis Yacht Club fire

Investigators are searching for what caused the Annapolis Yacht Club to be badly burned in a massive fire Saturday, destroying historic artifacts and trophies and causing the Parade of Lights event, which draws 20,000, to be canceled.

Oyster Marine sees process error in sunken yacht

Oyster Marine said it examined a possible weakness in the process used to build the inner structure of the Polina Star III — an Oyster 825 that sank off the coast of Spain in July and whose crew was rescued — and said the process hadn’t been used on any yachts other than 825s and…more

The $10 million yacht Baaden about one minute after the ill-fated launch.

A ‘breakdown in oversight’

The National Transportation Safety Board says the capsize of an 85-foot Northern Marine yacht during its launch last year was probably a result of the vessel’s low margin of stability. The board attributed the stability problem of the $10 million yacht, which was a complete loss, to the combined effects of a recording error during…more

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