Coast Guard

The Coast Guard enforces federal laws on the high seas and waters within U.S. territorial jurisdiction, develops and operates aids to navigation and maintains a network of lifeboat and search-and-rescue stations using surface vessels and aircraft.

Report: Plenty of oil is still in the Gulf

A report released by the Georgia Sea Grant and the University of Georgia concludes that as much as 79 percent of the oil released into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon well has not been recovered and remains a threat to the ecosystem. The conclusion conflicts with a recent report from the government…more

BP closer to permanent Gulf well cap

BP plans to finish drilling into the base of the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico this week to pump in mud and cement and permanently plug the source of the world’s biggest offshore oil spill. Cement that was poured in last week sealed the top of the well on the ocean floor about…more

Louisiana governor urges return to fishing

Saltwater recreational fishing reopened in the vast majority of Louisiana’s state waters three weeks ago and it’s time for anglers to return to the water with families and friends, according to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. The governor recently joined several representatives of the recreational fishing community on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico…more

Coast Guard platform tests range of wind power

Scientists recently took a key step in the quest to harness offshore wind energy along South Carolina’s coast. A sonic wind profiler tested at Savannah River National Laboratory was installed this week on a Coast Guard platform in the Atlantic Ocean near Georgetown, S.C. Using sound detecting and ranging technology, the device will measure wind…more

Coast Guard celebrates its birthday

The Coast Guard today marks 220 years of service to America. “Coast Guardsmen are agile, adaptable and multi-missioned,” Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert J. Papp Jr. said in a statement. “Born as revenue cuttermen, lighthouse keepers, steamboat inspectors and surfmen, we have expanded to meet the maritime needs of our nation. As Coast Guard men…more

Coast Guard: Boating deaths increased in 2009

The Coast Guard’s Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety today released its Recreational Boating Statistics 2009 report, which reveals a 3.81 percent increase in boating accident deaths and a 0.81 percent increase in related injuries. However, the number of boating accidents decreased 1.23 percent. The Coast Guard recorded 736 deaths, 3,358 injuries and approximately $36…more

BP plans crucial Gulf well test today

A test is set today to determine whether an effort to permanently seal the ruptured BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico can proceed, the company reported. The “injectivity” test was scheduled for Monday, but was delayed because of a small leak, according to media reports. Today is also the day that the company…more


Gulf cleanup turns ‘tin’ to gold

Oil cripples the fiberglass boat market, but ‘opportunity’ is huge for aluminum vessels With the Deepwater Horizon oil leak still not fully capped, a cloud of dashed expectations hung over boat dealers in southeast Louisiana in mid-July. But as tricked-out fiberglass fishboats gathered dust in showrooms, demand for aluminum boats for the BP oil cleanup…more

Most Gulf beaches open, but tourists remain wary

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has not affected the majority of the area’s beaches, but it is still keeping tourists away, according to a report to be released today. Almost all beach closings from the spill have been clustered in three areas of Louisiana, according to the 20th annual report on water quality at…more

Tropical storm halts BP oil well relief effort

Tropical Storm Bonnie has forced a stop in efforts to permanently seal BP’s blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico. By late Thursday evening, Thad Allen, the retired Coast Guard admiral who leads the federal response effort, said many vessels at the well site were preparing to leave, The New York Times reports. Among those…more

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