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The marine industry is a global enterprise. Builders, dealers, marinas, equipment manufacturers and other businesses are found worldwide, and there are major boat shows on all continents.

Consumer and business confidence stay strong

It began after the November election — a wave of confidence that washed over consumers and business owners — and months later two important barometers of economic sentiment show that Americans continue to expect rising growth and prosperity this year.

Growth in home ownership and gains in other economic yardsticks bode well for boat sales.

Politics aside, consumers are spending

President Donald Trump is off to a slow start legislatively and the prospects for the new president’s policy agenda appear uncertain, but the signals American consumers have been sending are sharp and clear.

Consumers flashing cash and confidence

Americans are earning more money, but they weren’t doing a lot of mid-winter spending, and one reason may have been that income tax refund checks from Uncle Sam were slow to arrive.

Consumer confidence has been running at its highest levels since 2004 and boat sales were off to a strong start for 2017.

A business climate that’s tricky to read

To boost the economy, President Donald Trump has said he wants “historic tax reform” that would benefit corporations and the middle class, a 10 percent increase in defense spending and $1 trillion worth of infrastructure improvements over the next decade.

Bulls are in charge, and not just in the markets

The calendar was crowded last week with reports on everything from retail sales and housing starts to inflation and interest rates, but two reports released Friday were among the best snapshots so far of the economy two months into the new Trump administration.

On further review, jobs report looks even better

The headline news in the Labor Department’s February employment report — 235,000 new jobs and a 4.7 percent unemployment rate — cheered economy watchers, but it was not the only positive trend to be found among the fresh figures.

Not waiting for Trump, Fed hints at March rate increase

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates only twice in the last decade, but recent remarks from Fed chairman Janet Yellen and some of her colleagues have convinced economists and the financial markets that an increase is likely to come next week.

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