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The marine industry is a global enterprise. Builders, dealers, marinas, equipment manufacturers and other businesses are found worldwide, and there are major boat shows on all continents.

Unemployment rate unchanged at 5.3 percent

The job market continued its positive swing in July with 215,000 positions added, according to government data released Friday, providing more evidence of an economy that is slowly but steadily returning to normal.

Picasso painting seized from yacht

French authorities seized a Pablo Picasso painting from a yacht belonging to a member of a well-known Spanish banking family that was docked in Corsica.

Downtown Havana’s Colonial Zone is being meticulously restored with funding from the United Nations’ UNESCO program.

Charter gains license to cruise Cuban waters

The first recreational boat to legally cruise once-forbidden Cuban waters with U.S. citizens aboard could well be a yacht between 60 and 300 feet LOA, chartered through Paul Madden Associates of Palm Beach.

Fed has its eye on an economy that’s watching right back

The Federal Reserve is holding its fifth meeting of the year today and Wednesday and, although Fed watchers don’t expect a rate increase, they’ll be scrutinizing the central bank’s statement to see whether the Fed is sending subtle signals about a move that could come in the fall.

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