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The marine industry is a global enterprise. Builders, dealers, marinas, equipment manufacturers and other businesses are found worldwide, and there are major boat shows on all continents.

After weak GDP, attention turns to July jobs report

Economists aren’t known as a cadre of optimists — after all, the profession carries the nickname “the dismal science” — but they certainly expected more out of the U.S. economy in the second quarter than it had to give.

Britain European Union decision as a brexit leave concept and UK leaving vote or Euro zone crisis as a pencil with the british flag erasing a star of the Europe icon as a 3D illustration.

Industry leaders shrug off Brexit

Despite some initial shock, the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union is not expected to have a major impact on the boating business, say several industry stakeholders. Although a struggling British pound could create an even more favorable market for British builders that export to the United States, many executives seem to think…more

Economists cheer as consumers end 2Q in high gear

The Wall Street Journal says consumers “flexed their muscles” in June. For Reuters, the 0.6 percent gain in retail sales for the month was important for what it said about second-quarter growth.

Hiring was up in June, but were consumers buying?

Is the U.S. economy losing its momentum? That’s what those who watch the course of American commerce were worried about until Friday, when they got two pieces of good news: Job growth surged in June and wages continued to rise.

Job growth rebounds in June

The U.S. job market once picked up speed in June, new government data showed today, exceeding analyst expectations after a disappointing jobs report in the month prior.

Business world awaits Yellen’s assessment of Brexit

Last week economy watchers focused on Fed chairman Janet Yellen’s testimony before U.S. congressional committees on the American economy and the prospects for increases in the Fed’s key lending rate in the months ahead.

U.S. approves boat insurance for Cuba travel

Common sense has finally prevailed. Pantaenius, a U.S. marine insurer, said it will offer coverage for American boats traveling in Cuban waters. This eliminates a major barrier to cruising and fishing in Cuba, in my opinion.

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