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The marine industry is a global enterprise. Builders, dealers, marinas, equipment manufacturers and other businesses are found worldwide, and there are major boat shows on all continents.

Beneath political clamor, economy quietly humming

While President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet choices and his leadership style attract plenty of attention, outside the spotlight consumers continue to drive U.S. economic growth forward at a steady pace.

Demand for skilled marine employees will increase in the next three years, according to an industry survey.

The job crisis: Is the industry doing enough?

During the long presidential campaign we all heard the laments about manufacturing jobs disappearing in America. But ask anyone in the boating industry, and you quickly get a different story.

SureShade adds distributor in Italy

SureShade, the U.S. designer and manufacturer of retractable sunshade systems for the marine industry, in collaboration with its new European representative IMDS, partnered with Italian marine distributor Indemar to offer American-made SureShade sunshade systems to boatbuilders and dealers in Italy.

New president, new bets on economic policy

Before last week’s presidential election the thinking among economic experts was that the Federal Reserve would be more likely to raise interest rates sooner — quite possibly in December — if Democrat Hillary Clinton was elected.

Fed and economists eye today’s election warily

For some time, economists and the financial markets have closely monitored the nation’s job growth and the pace of inflation for developments that could prompt the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.

Fresh growth figures campaigning for a rate increase

The Federal Reserve’s policymaking committee meets today and, although economists don’t expect a rate increase this close to the presidential election, a move in December now appears more likely than ever.

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