Regulations and Compliance

Many federal and state government regulations affect the marine industry. Trade Only follows developments as companies strive to operate in compliance with the rules.

Maine Maritime Academy gains school’s largest grant

The Maine Maritime Academy was awarded a $1.4 million research grant to study and develop environmentally savvy transportation technology. The U.S. Department of Transportation grant is the largest research grant that the school has ever received, according to the Bangor Daily News. It will fund the academy’s efforts to build a marine engine-testing and emissions…more

ICOMIA names new technical manager

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations appointed Patrick Hemp as the group’s new technical manager. Hemp will represent ICOMIA on technical legislative and standardization issues covering recreational craft, restricted-range superyachts and equipment, including marine engines, the group announced. A naval architect with almost 20 years of project management and design experience, Hemp is from…more

NMMA and European trade group join on regulatory issues

National Marine Manufacturers Association president Thom Dammrich and European Boating Industry president Robert Marx signed a joint declaration stating the intent of both organizations to work together to reduce and eliminate what they called unnecessary regulatory costs and unjustified regulatory differences between the European Union and the United States in the boating industry. The common…more

North Carolina set to increase boat registration fees

Boat registration fees are slated to rise in North Carolina as a new law takes effect Oct. 1. For boats under 26 feet, the registration fee for one year will be $30, according to an NBC affiliate in North Carolina. For boats over 26 feet, the fee will be $50 a year. The current fee…more

North Carolina tries to rid itself of lionfish

A bounty on a fish? Marine scientists say an invasion of lionfish could be threatening native North Carolina reef populations and, as a result, some areas of the state are encouraging spearfishing the fish, which typically eludes hook and line angling. Known in the scientific community as Pterois volitans, lionfish are typically one-pound, footlong, reef…more

Massachusetts closes oyster beds after illness

Massachusetts shut down some oyster beds in the state after illnesses linked to bacterial contamination were confirmed. The culprit is the Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacterium, which has occurred in state waters since the 1960s, according to the Associated Press. Last month, Connecticut closed oyster beds and issued a voluntary oyster recall after its first Vibrio outbreak,…more

California bill strips use of boater funds

The California legislature passed a bill that initially sought to use a boater-financed fund to help thwart erosion-based flooding, but the measure no longer uses the state Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund. “RBOC is very appreciative with the amendments made to SB 436 on Sept. 11 before the bill proceeded through the legislature at the…more

Legislation seeks changes to red snapper management

A bipartisan coalition led by U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., and Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., introduced legislation Thursday that seeks to change the federal management of red snapper fishing in four Gulf states. The legislation comes after the governors of those states released a joint letter to House and Senate leadership arguing that the federal…more

Feds hand out recreational boating grants

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced more than $6.9 million in competitive grants to six states and one U.S. territory for projects to support recreational boating. The service also will release about $400,000 to six states willing to match a smaller grant program. The first round of grants is allocated through the Boating Infrastructure…more

Baltimore researchers turn cobia into vegetarians

Cobia, sometimes called black salmon, is a powerful fish that devours other marine life, from smaller fish to crabs. Recently, three Baltimore researchers set out to tame this wild and hungry fish — specifically, to turn it into a vegetarian. Last week, they said they had pulled off the feat at a laboratory. The conversion…more

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