Marco Rubio tours South Florida algae bloom damage

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., recently joined Norcross Marine Products CEO Greg Lentine and members of the South Florida Water Management for a boat ride along the St. Lucie River to view the devastation caused by the algae bloom.

NOAA extends Gulf of Mexico red snapper season

NOAA Fisheries extended the nine-day red snapper season for private anglers in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico by two days to make up for fishing opportunities lost because of Tropical Storm Colin.

McMurdo signs five-year deal with NOAA

McMurdo, the emergency readiness and response division of Orolia, was selected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to provide support services for its next-generation search-and-rescue satellite-aided systems.

Study sees sea-level rise of six feet

A new study published in the journal Nature said sea levels could rise six feet or more if nothing is done to reduce carbon emissions, potentially inundating many coastal areas, submerging nations and remaking maps of the world.

Report details effects of rising ocean acidity

Rising levels of acidity in the ocean and growing areas of low-oxygen waters are a “double whammy” threat to fishing industries, ecosystems and economies along the West Coast and British Columbia, according to a new report.

IMBC 2016: Marina owners urged to prepare for higher tides

FORT LAUDERDALE — “Today’s extreme tides are tomorrow’s daily tides,” Pam Rubinoff warned at a seminar Thursday at the International Marina & Boatyard Conference on ways to reduce the effects of storms and sea-level rise on waterfronts.

If expected patterns prevail, California and the West may be in for some badly needed rain.  The South also should be wetter.

What’s an ill wind for some may be a zephyr for others

The prognosis for this winter’s “Super El Niño” is that it offers a mixed bag for boating — maybe some good things, possibly some bad — but we’ll have to wait and see because the weather is fickle. It doesn’t always do what we think it will.

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