2014 IBEX Video Gallery

Vessel Vanguard

In this video, company CEO Don Hyde shows us the many benefits of Vessel Vanguard’s cloud-based system of keeping you up to date with your vessel’s maintenance.


Kenyon Grill Lid

In this video, Kenyon CEO Mike Reischmann demonstrates the company’s new collapsable silicon grill lid, which makes using and storing the grill much easier.


BoatLife Graphic “G” Wax

In this video, we learn that regular boat wax can peel your graphics, but BoatLife has come up with a new product to solve that problem.



In this video, Torqeedo destroys the myth that electric motors are slow. This powerful 40-hp engine got us up on plane in about two seconds, and the big benefit is in the fuel savings — since there IS no fuel!        


SureShade Telescoping Tops

In this video, the company’s  co-founder Ron Russikoff shows us how their retractable sun shades can be fitted to boats of almost any size.


Nauticus Trim Tabs

Designed for smaller boats in the 10-24′ range, Nauticus trim tabs automatically deflect to keep the boat on the straight and level.


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