Thrust Issues

Is it time for the industry to standardize trolling motor ratings?


Natural Connection

Yamaha and Siren Marine: a strategic pairing.


Course Corrections

Advocacy efforts to continue the industry’s momentum.


Safety is Still a Tough Sell

But Return Link Service may be a game-changer.


The Supply-Chain Storm

Covid-19’s continued effects, shipping container scarcity and other factors continue to disrupt product pipelines.


Insights on Integration

Navico’s Knut Frostad on today’s marine electronics.


The Clock is Ticking

On June 1, the European Union’s retaliatory tariff on American-built boats is set to double.


Purpose, Vision and Values

The three pillars that support brand and culture.


The Future of Boat Buying

Total clarity and the power to control engagement on their terms is what today’s consumers expect, says Rollick CEO Bernie Brenner.


The Power of Perseverance

Behold the growth of PowerTech Propellers.

Heed Caution While Refueling

Ethanol can be back in a big way, and insufficent labeling at the pumps could lead to problems for your marine powerplant. And the MRAA’s voices support for the 30 by 30 initaitive.

Soundings March 2021

Off the Charts

Even as builders faced order backlogs and product shortages, registrations continued to soar in March.

New Hope for Killing Algae Blooms

Researchers are experimenting with injecting ozone nanobubbles into waterways that burst and cut off the algae’s food supply.

Don’t Throttle Back Now

As pandemic restrictions ease, folks will be getting back to leisure activities that often compete with boating.

1_Pulse Report_Boat Launch

Take the Pulse Report Survey

This month’s survey asks dealers about federal infrastructure improvements, climate goals, inventory shortages and more.

A Blow to Big Wind

A recently introduced bill in New York would create a moratorium on the building of wind turbines on bodies of fresh water in the state. Also, the first in-person boat show in the Great Lakes region in more than a year runs this weekend.

1_Pulse Report_Sailfish Boats_SKB_0037 copy

By Popular Demand

Amid brisk sales and supply-chain bottlenecks, we ask dealers to weigh in on trends, product shortages, federal infrastructure improvements and more.

Fish Welfare?

A U.K. group is contending that recreational and commercial fishing — as well as baitfish and those in ornamental ponds — cause fish to suffer. A seasoned angler weighs in.


An Impassioned Mayday for Boating Education

Safety isn’t just the realm of government and nonprofits. Our industry needs to engage now.


Create the Frame

By setting a personal timeframe, a clear focus and a goal for each task, you’ll make progress and avoid “Internet brain.”


Mom Gets It. Do You?

Mom knows the power of organizational culture — do you?