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Q&A with Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams of the NMMA is helping the recreational marine industry deploy strategies to achieve diversity, and to recognize diversity’s importance to the bottom line.


Mind the Gap

A new study reveals a difference between intention and reality when it comes to consumers keeping their boats.


Breaking Down Barriers

Technician training instructors Meghin Montesa and Lucy Berg are paving the way for more women to build careers through Yamaha Marine


Q&A with Tara Norton

Navico's first-ever chief sustainability officer Tara Norton assesses their environmental impact and defining sustainability goals


Renewable Gasoline

Gevo is on a crusade to solve the greenhouse gas and transportation problem.


See You Out Here

Discover Boating is leading the charge to evolve how we market as an industry.

Torqeedo says producing high-horsepower electric outboards isn’t difficult, but battery cost and weight are a hurdle.

Getting There

The future of electric outboards


Making the Switch

Expect to see more digital switching on new and refitted boats alike as the technology comes of age.


Ukraine War Adds to Industry Challenges

The fighting is af­fecting metals production, boatbuilding and repair yards, the availability of materials, gas and oil prices, and more.


Increasingly Infinite Options

Additive manufacturing is rapidly becoming a go-to technology for companies in the marine industry, and while some choose to outsource, others are taking advantage of the rapidly dropping price of 3D printers.


Celebrating 50 Years of the Clean Water Act

The great strides in water quality that the CWA has created have been a huge benefit to boating, but there’s a lot more that remains to be done.


Maine MTA Launches #LoveMaineWaters

Recognizing the rise in outdoor recreation and new boaters, the social media campaign encourages all people to take responsibility for the health and safety of Maine’s waterways


Tight Lines Are a Good Thing

Anything that improves fishing will lead to more boat sales. Actions in the Chesapeake, Gulf of Mexico and Florida are making strides


Examining the Future of Electric Propulsion

The NMMA is holding a webinar to examine the political and economic impacts of implementing electrification in the marine industry. Meanwhile, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act needs our help.


C.A.S.T. Is a Great Way for Dealers To Give Back

Catch a Special Thrill events take special-needs and underserved kids out on the water for a day of fishing and fun.


Fishing’s Up and So Are Hurricanes

The RBFF releases good news about fishing participation while NOAA scientists call for another active hurricane season.


Support the E15 Consumer Protection Bill

The bill aims to improve labeling at the pump to help consumers avoid misfuelling with high-ethanol blended fuels


Think Beyond the Boat

Zig Ziglar once said that dealers aren’t in the boat-sales business, but in the rejuvenation business. We’re not just selling the hardware but also the experiences it will bring.


Tune Out the Negative

We’re selling the No. 1 family fun experience, and Memorial Day weekend is upon us, so don’t get consumed in a downward spiral. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is reminding boaters to avoid E15 this summer.


Can Our Customers Get High When They Eat Fish?

A recent study found that dozens of pharmaceuticals are turning up in fish. The culprit: wastewater facilities that can’t remove medicines that the human body doesn’t process.