AMI signs Westrec as economic-study sponsor


The Association of Marina Industries said Westrec agreed to sponsor the AMI’s Economic Impact Model at the $2,500 level, bringing the industry one step closer to having a tool to calculate a marina's impact on its community.

"We are happy to support the AMI in the development and delivery of this very important product," Westrec president Bill Anderson said in a statement. "We're proud to be an active part of the association and will surely be a beneficiary of this useful study.”

Under the model, when operators enter information about their marina, the program will calculate the facility’s impact on the local community and the region. The information from the model can be used when requesting loans, petitioning for permits for expansions or renovations, applying for grants or simply to gain knowledge about a marina's value to a community.

Anderson said a previous economic impact calculator was widely used and was a valuable tool for Westrec marinas. He anticipates that the new model will be equally if not more beneficial. Westrec plans to use the model in marina valuation and in helping municipalities recognize the value of their marina asset to the community.

"Oftentimes decision makers in waterfront communities fail to recognize the total contribution that a marina is making to the community, from extraneous spending by boaters beyond the marina into the surrounding area to the jobs that are created by marinas and supporting businesses. The ability to objectively demonstrate the economic impact of a marina is a valuable arrow in the quiver of every marina operator," Anderson said.

The model is expected to be released for use in 2015.

AMI is matching each sponsorship dollar for dollar. Sponsorships are available at platinum ($7,500), gold ($5,000) and silver ($2,500) levels.

Information is available by contacting Wendy Larimer at (202) 350-9623 or


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