Annapolis Boat Shows sets 2017 schedule

Annapolis Boat Shows announced its 2017 power- and sailboat show schedule.

Annapolis Boat Shows announced its 2017 power- and sailboat show schedule.

The Bay Bridge Boat Show, which features more than 300 boats as large as 75 feet, is a spring in-water powerboat show that will be held April 21-23 in Stevensville, Md., at the Bay Bridge Marina.

The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, which organizers said is seeing year-over-year growth in exhibitor space, consumer attendance and boats on display, will be held April 28-30.

The 48th United States Sailboat Show, which organizers said is the one sailboat show in the world in which virtually every major sailboat manufacturer is represented, will be held Oct. 5-9.

The 46th United States Powerboat Show will be held the following weekend, Oct. 12-15. Organizers said the 2016 powerboat show was the largest in exhibits and boats on display since the 2008 recession.

There were more than 350 boats, including well over 100 center console fishing boats, 40 fishing boat manufacturers and 75 brokerage boats in Brokerage Cove. Paid attendance grew 5 percent from 2015, the most since the 2008 financial collapse.

"Our shows continue to expand maritime activities, including grand prize giveaways, boating classes and boat demo rides, all designed to introduce people to the boating lifestyle,” Annapolis Boat Shows president Paul Jacobs said in a statement.

“These new and expanded programs have proved so successful that the company is dedicated to expand and grow these offerings in 2017. Each year the footprint of all shows and the performance by our exhibitors has expanded incrementally, right along with economic trends such as employment, household income, consumer confidence, new and existing home sales and the S&P 500."


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