Dealer Week scores big


The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas said it finalized a post-event attendee survey in which dealers rated Dealer Week with “world-class net promoter scores.” The inaugural conference was held Dec. 8-11 in Tampa, Fla.

“To reinvent our annual conference, we collaborated with the dealer community, leading manufacturers and suppliers, the industry’s expert trainers and educators, trade associations across North America, and several other stakeholders in marine retail success,” said MRAA vice president Liz Walz in a statement. “It’s rewarding to discover that what we built together was so well-received by those we built it for — the dealers and their employees.”


Dealer Week earned a collective 77.06 net promoter score. Net promoter scores are calculated by asking dealers, “On a scale of 0-10, what is the likelihood you would refer others to Dealer Week?” Then the percent of detractors — those who rate the event between 0-6 — are subtracted from promoters — those who scored the event at 9 or 10. Companies that garner world-class loyalty receive net promoter scores of 75 to 80.

There was a 3.36 percent detractor rate versus an 80.43 percent promoter rate.


“I came away with a handful of things that I think we can actually implement,” said Monica Hurst of Spend-A- Day Marina. “I have a goal, action plan and results that I want to see.”

MRAA is using attendee feedback to help develop this year’s Dealer Week, scheduled for Dec. 8-11 in Austin, Texas.

“With our goal of building a brighter future for marine retailing, MRAA designed the education, exhibits and networking at the event to not only provide an engaging, memorable experience during Dealer Week, but also to prepare dealers for success putting what they learn into place under their dealership roof,” Walz said. “That’s what drove a lot of the new features of the event. That’s what is now driving the post-event resources we’re offering dealers. And that’s what will drive the improvements we’ll make for the 2020 event.”