Disney speaker will deliver second-day keynote at IMBC

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Dennis Snow, who launched Disney Institute consulting group, will be the second-day keynote speaker at the International & Boatyard Conference Jan. 16, delivering the presentation: “Delivering World-Class Service: Lessons from the Mouse.”

Snow developed his passion for delivering customer experience during more than 20 years of leadership at the Walt Disney World Company. The Disney Institute he launched consulted with companies including ExxonMobil, AT&T, ,General Motors and Coca Cola.

Snow also spent several years with the Disney Institute teaching corporate philosophy and best business practices to their leadership teams. He coordinated the Disney Traditions training program, which is still recognized as a benchmark in corporate training for the Disney organization.

"We all believe that we provide excellent customer service, but in today's world that is just not good enough, you must be exceptional," AMI chair Joe Riley in a statement. "So much has changed in our industry and the world in terms of what defines excellent customer service. It is now about the full experience. In a world where so many recreational industries are fighting for the disposable household dollars, the best experience wins out. No organization creates an experience like Walt Disney, and they have done so for decades. We look forward to hearing from Dennis on how smaller organizations can take some of the tips and tactics from Disney and successfully apply them in our own businesses."

Immediately following his keynote address, Snow will deliver a 60-minute breakout session, "Leading a Culture of Service Excellence," where he will expand on his keynote, and provide tips and takeaways for overhauling the culture in your organization to create one that is customer experience focused and fun.