Ferretti Group displays yachts at German show


The Ferretti Group is presenting six models at the Düsseldorf Boat Show, which opened last weekend and continues through Sunday.

In partnership with dealers Lengers Yachts and Poroli Special Boats, Ferretti is premiering the Ferretti Yachts 690 for the German market, together with the models Rivale and Aquariva Super and one historic unit of the Aquarama Special for the Riva brand.

The Pershing 64 for the Pershing brand and Dolphin 44 for the Mochi Craft brand also are on display.

Ferretti said Poroli Special Boats has prepared a corner by Riva at the Steigenberger Hotel, where guests and visitors can get to know the history of the Riva brand. Two windows at the entrance of the Sarar boutique on the Königsallee will display a scale model of Aquarama by Riva for the duration of the show.

Lastly, a scale model of the Riva 86 Domino will be on display in a window of the Jades boutique on Breite Straße.

“Our presence at the international boat show in Düsseldorf represents a particularly important event for our group because it allows us to meet clients, journalists and dealers coming from all over central and northern Europe personally. On the occasion of this edition we will put on display as a premiere for the German market one of the new models of the brand Ferretti, Ferretti Yachts 690, together with some of the most successful models of our brands Pershing, Riva, and Mochi Craft,” Ferretti Group CEO Ferruccio Rossi said in a statement.


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