FLIBS 2014: Magnum Marine seeks boatbuilding location in Maine

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FORT LAUDERDALE — High-performance Miami-based luxury yacht builder Magnum Marine plans to build a 100-foot yacht at a yard in Maine, president, CEO and owner Katrin Theodoli said Friday during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

“There are two yards that I’m looking at,” Theodoli said at a press event, declining to say which ones. “I’ll be visiting them next week. I’ll talk to them about it. It looks very promising.”

Magnum has been building boats at N.E. 188th Street — Thunderboat Row — since 1966, first under the ownership of champion raceboat driver and designer Don Aronow and starting in 1976 under Marchese Filippo Theodoli and his wife, Katrin. Filippo Theodoli died in 1990 and Katrin has since been the company’s president and CEO.

Theodoli said the 100 is too big to build at the 188th Street yard. Magnum will continue to build its other boats — 44-, 51-, 60-, 70- and 80-footers — in Miami, she said.

“Our idea right now is to build at a Maine yard because they’re very good at what they do,” she said. “And we’re very good at what we do. It will be a very good match.”

“I’ve been saying I don’t want to build any bigger than 80,” she said. “But then one of my 80-foot clients convinced me that I have to build a 100-footer for him. Finally the other day I said, ‘OK.’ That will be our biggest Magnum. I promise you, we won’t build any bigger.”

Magnum showed a 51, which debuted last year, at Fort Lauderdale. A luxury cruiser, it carries twin 1,600-hp MTU 10v-2000-m94s. The 51 tops out at 75 mph and cruises at 50, burning 60 to 75 gallons an hour at cruising speed with the smaller, more efficient 10-cylinder MTUs, said Mike Stocker, Magnum’s yacht captain and test driver.

“We started out building 27-, 28-foot raceboats and have evolved to what Magnum is today,” Stocker said. “We build a high-performance poweryacht.”