FLIBS 2019: ZF Marine announces partnerships

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ZF Marine announced partnerships with Siren Marine and Yacht Controller at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

ZF said in a statement that it partnered with Siren Marine “to deliver a comprehensive, interactive connected-boat experience created specifically for ZF Marine customers.”

Siren’s cloud-based Connected Boat Platform will connect boaters with their ZF transmissions regarding the status of their equipment, tracking usage hours, alerting them to potential issues and providing notifications about recommended service intervals.

“We want all boaters with ZF-equipped vessels to have the best possible experiences with our propulsion products through seamless interactions,” said Keith Stanley, ZF Marine pleasure craft product line manager for North and Central America, in the statement. “Siren Marine stepped up to help us create an app within an app that meets our customer’s needs, all within the existing framework of its connected-boat technology.”

ZF Marine also said in a statement that it entered into a partnership with Yacht Controller. ZF SmartCommand, the company’s most advanced electronic propulsion control system, will be packaged with Yacht Controller’s wireless remote control. The package will be available as the Imperium control system to shipyards, boatbuilders, operators and owners through Yacht Controller’s distribution network.

“Working together with Yacht Controller and their integration with ZF controls will provide our customers the opportunity to take the user experience of precise vessel control to the next level,” Stanley said. “The wide range of our systems means core equipment can be optimally chosen to specifically match the type of vessel and propulsion configuration — single engine, multiengine or multistation. The Yacht Controller system can be coupled to the ZF control system for ease of docking and maneuvering.”

ZF Marine said at FLIBS that it plans to hold seminars called “Rethink your Repower.” The company said in a statement that propulsion expert Steve D’Antonio will present discussions at the ZF booth for boat owners to learn about repower projects.

“Embarking on a repower project can be a daunting task with the potential for a cascade of decisions and scope creep,” the statement said. “ZF Marine recognizes that repower is more than just replacing a vessel’s engine and aims to give boat owners better insight into the various aspects of embarking on such a major project.”

The seminar will be offered Nov. 1 and 2 at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Register for the seminars here.

ZF Marine recently launched a website dedicated to repowering.