Grow Boating summit focuses on marketing digitally to customers today, and in the future

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Speaker Marcus Sheridan is among those presenting at the summit.

Speaker Marcus Sheridan is among those presenting at the summit.

The 2018 Grow Boating Marketing Summit will take place at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation, which is across from the Tampa Convention Center.

The summit should provide attendees opportunities to learn how to leverage digital marketing channels including display ads, video, social media, email, search, and websites.

“This summit is designed specifically for marine marketers, has top notch experts and would be a missed opportunity to not be in attendance,” said Grow Boating president Carl Blackwell.

Jack Ellis, co-founder of Florida-based Info-Link, will present stark recreational boating trends and new statistics, starting the day off with “the good, the bad and the ugly,” said Blackwell.

“My objective is two-fold: First, to share intel about today’s boaters that will hopefully be useful to anyone marketing to current boat owners and, secondly, to share information about how our market is changing in order to hopefully prompt more thought and discussion about how we are going to serve tomorrow’s boaters,” said Ellis.

“We have surpassed our seventh consecutive year of growth – the longest run in modern recreational boating history,” said Ellis.

This is due to a dedicated customer base, said Ellis, and one that is aging.

Today’s average boat owner is 56 years old, and the number of younger boat owners has declined dramatically over the last decade, he said. More than half of today’s 8.5 million boat owners bought their first boat more than 15 years ago.

Ellis will try to show attendees why the industry must adapt more quickly to changing market dynamics while being patient and united in its approach.

Following Ellis, speakers are Marcus Sheridan, founder of and author of They Ask, You Answer; Brooke Skinner-Ricketts, chief marketing officer of; Tannis McKenna, agency development manager of Google; Brad Dixon, vice president of accounts for Adaptly; Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale; and Steve Pizzolato, founder and CEO of Avala Marketing Group.

Blackwell offered this about each speaker:

Marcus SheridanHow the video revolution has changed buyers forever — “New topic from one of the top ranked digital speakers, according to Forbes. Video is one of the most effective tactics for marine marketers and Marcus in his unique style will help attendees maximize their efforts.”

Tom Martin, Automated digital sales prospecting system — “Tom is going to help our stakeholders figure out how to get the most out of their digital adverting spend in an environment where consumers are not filling out lead forms unless they are ready to buy. Instead of waiting for a consumer to fill out a form, which data has proven time and time again, Tom will help attendees be proactive instead of reactive and take advantage of consumers that land on a brands page.”

Brooke Skinner Ricketts, Winning with the New 4P’s of Digital Marketing — “Brooke is a highly respected digital marketing person who we were lucky to secure. She’ll share her insights based on real consumer behavior that she has access to and can apply to the boating industry.”

Tannis McKenna, Digital measurement in the age of assistance — “Google evolves constantly. It’s a company that has vast resources and where we as an industry already invest heavily in. Tannis will share with our industry how to better take advantage of their free and paid services.”

Brad Dixon, Latest trends on Facebook and other social channels — “Adaptly is one of the few social media firms that are marketing partners of all the primary social media companies. They are the first to know when changes are coming, they participate in Beta testing and work for some of the largest social media advertisers in the world. Social media and boating go hand in hand, and is a data rich platform that we can use better.”

Steve Pizzolato, Landing pages and the importance of inbound marketing — “Steve’s company has tracked web behavior of consumers that have left Discover Boating and have landed on boat brand sites. He has first hand knowledge of how valuable these prospects are and will show the audience how they can not only capitalize on Discover Boating referrals but how to transfer that knowledge to better manage all of their web traffic. These principles can be applied to B2B companies as well.”

The CAMLS facility is a block from the convention center, has comfortable chairs in an auditorium style room, and has electric outlets at every seat, said Blackwell.

The event costs $199; to register, one must first be registered as an IBEX attendee and can then add the summit to their cart.



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