ISS holds awards gala in Fort Lauderdale

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The International Superyacht Society presented its 2014 design and leadership awards at the ISS Awards Gala on Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale.

The leadership awards included 2014 Business Person of the Year, which went to Tom and Henk De Vries of Feadship, and the ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award, which was given to the International SeaKeepers Society.

The design awards are:

Best Sail 24-40m

Inukshuk; Baltic 32,64m/107 feet, 2 inches; Frers; Adam Lay Studio

Best Sail 40m+

Mondango3; Alloy 56,4m/185 feet, 1 inch; Dubois NA; Reymond Langton

Best Refit

Dream; Jones Boatyard/A&R; 60m/196 feet, 11 inches; Donald Starkey; Bannenberg & Rowell

Best Power 24-40m

Quaranta; Curvelle; 34.1m/111 feet, 11 inches; Mauro Giamboi; Alex Isaac; Incat Crowther

Best Power 40-65m

Como; Feadship 46; 22m/151 feet, 8 inches; Dubois NA; Redman Whiteley Dixon

Best Power 65m+

Galactica Star; Heesen Yachts; 65m/213 feet, 4 inches; Frank Laupman/Omega; Bannenberg & Rowell; Van Oosanen

Best Interior

Como; Redman Whitely Dixon