L.A. show reports higher per-day attendance

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While total attendance was down slightly at the recent Los Angeles Boat Show, daily attendance, compared on a direct day-to-day basis, was up every day of the show, which was shortened this year, according to the Southern California Marine Association, which produces the event.

This year's show was held Feb. 18-21, rather than its traditional seven-day run. Specific attendance figures were not released.

"We were definitely keeping our fingers crossed for a good result," SCMA executive director Dave Geoffroy said in a statement. "Thankfully, the show met or exceeded the expectations of the vast majority of our exhibitors. Compared to one year ago, sales at the show and quality leads generated both surpassed 2009 levels."

Because of the abbreviated schedule, exhibit space rates and the price of admission were reduced.

"Making L.A. a four-day event turned out to be the right move, given the present economy and condition of the boating market," said Geoffroy. "The four-day format accomplished what we wanted - it increased crowd density and lowered our operating costs, which we were able to pass on to our exhibitors with lower space costs. It was a win for everybody."

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