MDCE 2012: MRAA president addresses young industry leaders


By 2015, Generation Y will outnumber the baby boomers — a population that sees 10,000 people retire each day.

That’s according to Marine Retailers Association of the Americas president Matt Gruhn, who spoke to a crowd of about 100 Tuesday night at the opening event of the Young Professionals Community at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla.

The initiative launched by the Young Leaders Advisory Council, formed by the MRAA in 2009, is part of an effort to engage up-and-coming marine professionals in shaping the industry’s future.

“The MRAA is such a pivotal part of the industry, and I’m proud to be part of this” effort, said Young Leaders Advisory Council chairman Ryan Hebert, who is with Texas Marine.

David Spader of Spader Business Management, the company that founded the 20-group concept, encouraged the audience to understand their three motivators so they can identify the professional roles in which they will be most effective and surround themselves with others who complement them.

“I don’t care how capable you are unless I know you’re motivated to do the job,” Spader said. “The last thing you want to do is put a person in a key position who is against your three motivators.”

Personal style, values and interests come into play for everyone at work. Trying to fill a role that goes against a person’s three motivators results in depleted energy and a less effective worker, Spader said.

One client who owned a business fired himself, rehired himself in the sales department and then hired someone else as CEO, Spader said.

“It was a bold move; he put himself in a new position and it wasn’t at the top,” Spader said.

The company was offering coupons to members of the Young Professionals Community, which Spader joked, “If you’re familiar with our company you know how rare of an occasion that is.”

Read more about Spader’s presentation and the dealer conference in January’s Soundings Trade Only.

— Reagan Haynes


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