Metstrade and Water Revolution Foundation team up for sustainability

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Metstrade said in a statement that it teamed with Water Revolution Foundation, a nonprofit focused on sustainability in the superyacht industry, as the group’s first strategic trade show partner.

Water Revolution’s mission is to drive sustainability in the superyacht sector through collaboration and innovation. During the past five years, Metstrade has developed into a platform for many sustainability initiatives. The two organizations plan to promote and find sustainable solutions for the yachting industry, specifically to reduce its ecological footprint.

“It was great that we could count on immediate support from Metstrade, right from the day we launched at its 2018 edition,” Robert van Tol, executive director of Water Revolution Foundation, said in the statement. “They clearly understood what Water Revolution is out to achieve and why what we are doing is so important. For years, Metstrade has provided the physical platform for what Water Revolution aims to promote in terms of technical solutions and stimulated the adoption of these.”

Metstrade also aims to connect people behind the many initiatives and activate them to make a bigger effort together.

“We’re keen about sustainability, and when we heard about Water Revolution’s mission to reduce the ecological footprint of the superyacht industry, the question wasn’t whether we should support the foundation, but rather how,” said Metstrade maritime director Irene Dros. “This partnership will work both ways. Metstrade has been a strong B2B platform for many years, and we can now utilize this position to help accelerate the shift.”