MIAMI 2016 VIDEO: FLIR Systems touts role catching Boston bomber

MIAMI — FLIR Systems was touting many uses for its thermal-imaging technology.
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MIAMI — FLIR Systems was touting many uses for its thermal-imaging technology, including aiding Watertown, Mass., police in the capture of the Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The company on Wednesday, in a video shown to the press on the eve of the Miami International Boat Show and Yachts Miami Beach, displayed a snippet of an interview with Watertown police chief Edward Deveau.

Massachusetts state police had used the Star Safire HD, mounted to a police helicopter, to find Tsarnaev hiding in a shrink-wrapped boat parked in a Watertown resident’s backyard.

“It was amazing how they were able to use the technology to find him,” FLIR spokeswoman Haley Ellison told Trade Only at the event. “It was so detailed that it actually picked up the heat from his wounds, where he was bleeding.”

Here’s some video of the Star Safire HD in action as police discovered Tsarnaev in the boat.

The company also debuted a FLIR Scout TK pocket-size thermal monocular, which has much lower resolution than its predecessor, but comes at a fraction of the price at $599, versus nearly $2,000.


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