MIAMI 2019: Get this party started

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MIAMI — At a Key Biscayne VIP party before the opening of the Miami International Boat Show, JL Audio announced the release of its M6 high-performance marine loudspeakers. The company said in a statement that the speakers will have its patent-pending Transflective RGB LED illumination technology.

“With M6, we have pulled out all the stops to deliver our best sounding, best looking marine loudspeakers ever,” said Andy Oxenhorn, president of JL Audio, in a statement. “Years of research and development have led us to this launch event, and we know that our customers will be excited to experience the incredible performance and design of M6.”

The statement noted that the speakers are “acoustically engineered to reproduce powerful, low-distortion bass and evenly disperse smooth sound in an open-air boat environment.”

The M6 series is designed to match different boat styles. The Transflective LED illumination technology is available as an option on most models. JL Audio also offers an RGB controller with a compact form factor and rotary knob for adjusting the speakers’ illumination colors and intensity. The RGB controller works with M6 series speakers, as well as most other RGB lighting options installed on a boat.

The statement noted that all M6 speakers are designed for open-air boating. The materials, fasteners and assembly techniques were engineered for durability in marine applications. Component parts, materials and loudspeakers were tested to exceed industry standards for corrosion and UV resistance, according to the company.