Newport Boat Show “here to stay”

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The Newport Exhibition Group said the planned Hammetts Wharf Hotel will have no impact on the Newport International Boat Show. Organizers say the same number of exhibitors will be accommodated by leasing additional space and increasing the size of the tents. The in-water displays will not be affected.

Producers will integrate the new hotel into the Newport International Boat Show’s exhibits.

Producers will integrate the new hotel into the Newport International Boat Show’s exhibits.

“Over the past few months, we have received many questions about the boutique hotel being constructed on a portion of the Newport Yachting Center site and its effect on the Newport International Boat Show,” said Nancy Piffard, show director of Newport Exhibition Group, in a statement.

Piffard said there will be no changes to the show. “It is business as usual. And most importantly, the Newport International Boat show is here to stay. We have a long-term lease with the Newport Yachting Center owners. Construction of the hotel will begin shortly after the completion of this year’s show and will continue through the Newport International Boat Show 2019. The proposed finish date of the hotel is June 2020 and we are excited to see how it benefits the Newport waterfront and the boat show.”

The 2018 Newport show takes place September 13-16 along America’s Cup Avenue. The event is viewed as the kickoff to the boat show season.


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