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The US Sailing Sanctioned Safety-at-Sea Seminar will be held Oct. 20 during Strictly Sail Long Beach in California.

The full-day seminar, modeled after the U.S. Naval Academy midshipman training program, features live demonstrations and keynote speakers covering practical ways to stay safe on the water, from giving and receiving aid to weather at sea.

The course also qualifies graduates to sail in long-distance sailing races. US Sailing certification is becoming mandatory in many races across the country.

Moderator Ralph Naranjo, technical editor of Practical Sailor Magazine, has extensive cruising experience with boat systems and construction and is a circumnavigator with extensive bluewater sailing practice. Additional speakers include:

• Bruce Brown: past president of the United States Marine Association; instructor for the Coast Guard 100-ton license program; and a Transpacific Yacht Race skipper. Brown has extensive offshore racing experience and specializes in safety products (functions and operations), life rafts, marine communication and heavy weather.

• John Jourdane: a professional sailor with 50 years of sailing experience and 300,000 miles at sea; 49 Pacific and 12 Atlantic crossings; three circumnavigations, including two Whitbread Round the World Races; and the author of “Icebergs, Port and Starboard” and “Sailing With Scoundrels and Kings." Jourdane specializes in heavy weather, damage control and repair, crew preparation and boat preparations.

• Lee Chesneau: professional meteorologist; Coast Guard STCW meteorology instructor; and author. Chesneau conducts marine weather seminars at shows and forums across the country and specializes in the interpretation of weather fax charts, heavy weather avoidance and related navigation strategies at sea.

The seminar will be held at the Shoreline Yacht Club. The cost is $150 for US Sailing members and Transpac registrants and $160 for others.

Strictly Sail Long Beach, Southern California’s only all-sailboat show, will be held Oct. 18-21.