TrawlerFest features deep-dive seminars into diesel engines, electronics and weather

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TrawlerFest Seattle will take place from April 23-27, 2019. PassageMaker magazine, which organizes the event, says it will take place in a new location at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront marina in downtown Seattle.

TrawlerFest includes an in-water boat show from April 25-26, and seminars from April 23-27. The in-depth seminars include a two-day course called “Everything You Need to Know About Diesel Engines,” presented by Nigel Calder and Mike Beemer, to “Medical Preparedness and First Aid for Boaters,” by Dr. Jim Chimiak of DAN Medical Services, to seminars on cruising the Inside Passage to Alaska, as well as a dozen other courses on electronics, weather, navigation, and even how to buy a boat. Seminar leaders are all experts in their respective fields.

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