For Sale or License: Intellectual property rights to Guide-on Step

Guide on Step

 Guide-on Step is the only trailer guide (guide-on) that hinges down and becomes a step. It’s also the only trailer step that hinges up and out of the way for trailering. It’s a novel design with a unique hinge and latch system that allows it to function as either a guide-on or a step, providing an easy way to center your boat on the trailer, and an easy way to board your boat when it’s on the trailer. Patent 9,676,318 protects the design until 2037.

Guide-on Step has had one limited production run and has been field tested. It is poised to make its formal debut in the marine segment. The right buyer could give Guide-on Step a proper debut and take it to the next level by introducing more models and by leveraging their established supply, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and marketing channels. For exclusive rights to use the patent, all assets and IP can be purchased for $249,000. Otherwise a license agreement can be purchased for $49,000 + 10% royalties. Visit to learn more about Guide-on Step or contact Gregg Langenfeld at about the ownership opportunities.

Guide-on Step has several advantages over conventional trailer steps:

· The only step that provides access to the aft of the boat. Others only provide access to the bow.

· The bunk boards/steps are covered with bunk carpet for non-slip and for wiping feet off.

· The steps pivot down and away from the hull which provides a better angle for climbing into boats. They’re more like climbing stairs than climbing a ladder.

· When the steps are folded up, they do not increase the overall width of the trailer; therefore keeping trailer widths within DOT limits.

· Steps can span the entire side of a boat, which allows for easy reach of gear, of the helm, and other items without actually climbing into the boat.

· The steps can be stood on while the trailer is in the water; providing better access to the boat while loading or unloading it from the trailer.

· It can be designed to have two, three, or more steps for taller boats.

Guide-on Step also has several advantages over conventional trailer guides (guide-ons):

· Instead of the bunk boards/steps being at a fixed angle, the patented hinge allows them to be angled parallel to the hull; therefore evenly distributing the load on them and the hull.

· Besides full-up and full-down, they also have a “trailering” position that sets the bunks about an inch off the hull so they do not vibrate against the boat while driving down the highway.

· The latch for the step is accessible from within the boat. So, after you’ve used Guide-on Step to center your boat on the trailer, and your partner has pulled you and the boat up the ramp, you can easily deploy the step and climb out.


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