Notice of Proposed Sale of Assets of Barker Boatworks, LLC

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 Chapter 11 BARKER BOATWORKS, LLC, Debtor. Case No. 8:19-bk-03138-MGW

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that BARKER BOATWORKS, LLC, as debtor and debtor in possession (the “Debtor”), is seeking the approval of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division (the “Bankruptcy Court”), for the sale of substantially all of its assets (the “Assets” ) and the assumption and assignment of certain executory contracts and unexpired non-residential real property leases to which the Debtor is a party in connection therewith (the “Sale”).

On April 29, 2019, the Debtor filed with the Bankruptcy Court a motion (the “Sale Motion”) seeking, among other things, the authority of the Bankruptcy Court for the Debtor to sell, pursuant to the terms and conditions of an Asset Purchase Agreement (the “APA”), dated as of April 29, 2019, by and between the Debtor and Strike Force Seven LLC (the “Purchaser”), the Assets, free and clear of all liens, claims, interests, and encumbrances, to the Purchaser in exchange for an aggregate transaction consideration (cash and non-cash) of approximately $10,538,000.00. The APA was filed with the Bankruptcy Court as an exhibit to the Sale Motion. The Bankruptcy Court has entered an order (the “Bid Procedures Order” ) approving certain bidding procedures in connection with the Sale (the “Bidding Procedures”).

The Debtor is a custom boat builder headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. The Debtor is a Florida limited liability company established by Kevin M. Barker in 2014 to design and build the ultimate bay boat. Utilizing the expertise of world-renowned naval architect, Michael Peters, a management team with over 100 years of combined industry experience, and the best materials, technology, and methods available, the Debtor designs and builds custom bay boats. The Debtor and its experienced team of professionals have developed a reputation as an industry leader for the Debtor’s ”Yacht Quality” fit, finish, and rigging.

Prospective purchasers and other interested parties should review the APA, the Sale Motion, the Bid Procedures Order, the Bidding Procedures, and other relevant documents on file with the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court. Such documents are also available upon written request to the undersigned counsel for the Debtor. Any party wishing to submit a competing bid (a “Competing Bid”) to acquire the Assets should contact Charles A. Postler, Esq., Stichter, Riedel, Blain & Postler, P.A., 110 East Madison Street, Suite 200, Tampa, Florida 33602, Telephone: (813) 229-0144; Facsimile: (813) 229-1811; Email: All Competing Bids must be received by no later than 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on June 7, 2019, as more particularly described in the Bid Procedures Order.

An auction (the “Auction”) to consider any Competing Bids in respect of the Assets will be held in Tampa, Florida at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time) on June 11, 2019, at the offices of Stichter, Riedel, Blain & Postler, P.A., 110 East Madison Street, Suite 200, Tampa, Florida 33602. The Bankruptcy Court will conduct a hearing to consider approval of the Sale Motion, the results of the Auction, and any timely-filed objections thereto, at the Bankruptcy Court, on June 12, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.

Charles A. Postler (FBN 455318)

Amy Denton Harris (FBN 0634506)

Stichter Riedel Blain & Postler, P.A.

110 East Madison Street, Suite 200

Tampa, Florida 33602

Telephone: (813) 229-0144

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