April Fool; Excellent marina training guide; Spy on yourself!

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There it was in my email yesterday. It grabbed my attention. The subject line read: “Jimmy Buffett to play at Marinafest, Marina Del Rey Boat Show!”

“Wow, that has got to be the biggest drawing card for any boat show, anytime, anywhere,” I thought. “It will pack parrot heads in even faster than we got inundated with drug commercials during the Road to the Final Four last weekend!”

Heck, I’d like to be there, too.

So, like every other boater who has “Cheeseburger in Paradise” playing on board, I anxiously clicked on it to feed me more details. The Marinafest Boat Show is slated for May 22-23. It will be the 9 annual edition. But then I read the crushing truth about the Buffett appearance: “Not really--but join us anyway.”

Yes, I’d been had on April Fool’s Day. And, I’ll bet I wasn’t alone. No matter, it was a clever way to promote the upcoming show. Kudos.

Important Marina Training

As we approach the summer boating season, especially in the northern part of the country, marinas will again be hiring full- and part-time summer staff to work what is expected to be an excellent boating season. Proper training may be more important than ever for two reasons: the need for good customer service and the potential liabilities.

Enter the Association of Marina Industries and its “Basic Marina Operations Training Guide.” Designed as a self-study course, it’s a top-notch tutorial for entry-level marina employees. The Guide is comprehensive and, therefore, valuable for training new full-time and seasonal employees. It’s divided into modules that include: Orientation; First Aid; Health, Safety & Fire Prevention; Customer Care/Public Relations; Security; Personal Safety; Berthing/Mooring Administration; Boat Handling; Environmental Management; and Office Administration & Payments, among others.

Good training takes time and is often short-changed because of busy marina operating schedules to meet customer demands. To purchase a copy now and save $25, (members $249, others $349) go to: www.marinaassociation.org

Spy On Yourself!

Here’s an important reminder for all dealers that the first of three webinars detailing how you can optimize your dealership’s online presence will take place tomorrow (April 3, 1pm – 3pm CST). The webinar is free and provided as a special educational program from the industry’s Grow Boating Initiative.

There is no question in this digital age that every dealer needs to be proficient at getting online results. It doesn’t just happen. There are techniques and applications that must be learned. Doing so will ultimately boost your bottom line. The person responsible for your IT efforts should attend this webinar. Here are tomorrow’s details:

Spy on Yourself—Online Brand Reputation Made Easy (April 3, 2019 1 pm–3 pm CST). It will cover subjects such as brand protection; how to learn what is being said about your business in social and search; emergency plans for your online presence; and Google alerts.

The webinar will be led by Heather Lutze, founder of the Findability Group that specializes in helping website owners connect their businesses with the perfect customers online.

You can register by clicking here.


A show before the shows?

Iconic Marine Group to hold client event at its North Carolina headquarters for sea trials and in-depth look at its boatbuilding facilities. A bonus will be meeting Reggie Fountain.