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Average brokerage prices up for 1st quarter


Increase in amounts paid for boats helps compensate for decline in number of boats sold

The accompanying charts by YachtWorld.com show the average price of boats that were sold between May 2007 and April 2008; the average price of boats that were sold in each quarter from 1Q 2007 to 1Q 2008, and the average time it took to sell boats during that same period.

YachtWorld.com took a selection of the most popular boats, which were listed by member brokers. These charts represent overall averages of all boats reported sold against some of the most popular boats on YachtWorld.com.


The average price for all inventory listed on YachtWorld.com was $113,916 between May 2007 and April 2008.

SeaRay’s 340 Sundancer generated the average highest price among the models featured in the accompanying charts.

On average it took about 35 weeks to sell a boat.

The Grand Banks’ 42 Classic and Silverton’s 34 Convertible took longer to sell than the other boats YachtWorld.com used in its study.

The average boat prices for the first quarter of this year was $123,805, up from $113,931 in the year-ago comparable period.

While it may be difficult to sell boats this year, the charts show that the ones that did sell sold at a higher value, according to YachtWorld.com.





This brokerage sales data is unaudited and is voluntarily supplied by YachtWorld.com member brokers. This chart does not represent all boats sold by all brokers: 90 percent of YachtWorld.com’s 1,620 members contribute sales information. YachtWorld.com and Soundings Trade Only are owned and published by Dominion Enterprises