Data Tracker: A consumer’s boat show experience


According to a recent Boat Trader consumer survey, 41 percent of consumers said their primary reason for attending boat shows is to conduct research, reinforcing the importance of having a knowledgeable staff work the booth.


In fact, 31 percent of consumers say that a friendly and knowledgeable staff is most important to them, while 21 percent say visible pricing on boats is most important. Another important factor in getting the most out of boat shows is giving the consumer time to look around before approaching them. Results show 66 percent of customers say they prefer time to look around before being approached, followed by 23 percent who prefer conversation only after they approach a staff member. Only 5 percent of consumers prefer to be approached immediately upon entering a booth.

Use these tips to create an open and inviting environment for consumers. They might help you get more return on your boat show investment.