Data Tracker: Consumers search for wider price range


Recent traffic on shows that consumers have increased their price range for search queries across all boat types. In the month of July, consumers increased the high end of their price range, as well as the minimum price, by an average of 50 percent over April's average.


The average price for all boats searched increased across the categories, though most notably in the sailboat category. Boat buyers searching for sailboats increased their maximum price by almost 50 percent, which is a considerable margin given that April's average high price was already topping the categories at almost $63,000. Small-boat searches, which include canoes, kayaks, inflatables, rigid inflatables and tenders, as well as powerboat searches, saw an increase of $20,000 on the high ends. The average low price increased by nearly 55 percent across the powerboat, sailboat and small-boat categories.

The total number of visitors to increased in July as well, which is normal as we move from spring to summer. In April, 1.7 million unique visitors viewed the site; in July, more than 2 million people visited and viewed nearly 36.5 million pages. Of those pages viewed, 24 percent were ad detail pages and more than 1.6 million consumers visited dealer gallery pages. This increase in site visitors corresponds with an increase in total site searches, which jumped from 2.6 million in April to more than 3 million in July.

This article originally appeared in the September 2010 issue.


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