DataTracker: Smartphone use outpacing tablet use

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Nearly half of the visitors to Boat Trader’s website currently arrive via smartphones and tablets to search boats for sale.

A year or more ago, the numbers of people who used phones and tablets were similar, and although the use of both types of mobile devices has increased this year, a study of visitors to the website from May through July indicates that smartphone use is now growing at a much faster rate than tablet use. We looked at the types of phones and tablets being used, tracking the operating systems the devices used. The leading devices used were those running the Apple iOS system on iPhones and iPads, with 1.3 million and 1.1 million visitors, respectively.

Use of Android phones lagged, but it showed a rapid increase, as well, with total unique visitors increasing from 472,000 to 751,000. Use of tablets running the Android system increased from 106,000 to 160,000. Phones and tablets using other operating systems barely appear on the chart, with fewer than 19,000 and 12,000 site visitors on phones and tablets, respectively, during the three-month period.

This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue.