Florida brokers sold 337 boats in January


For the next six months, we are going to look at the number, size and value of boats sold through YachtWorld in six different regions of the U.S. and what percentage of the total sales that region represented. Let’s start by comparing Florida to the national total.


In January, 1,250 boats were sold in the U.S. worth $134,340,494. Florida brokers sold 337 boats (27 percent of the total boats sold) worth $61,418,920 (45 percent of the total value).

That Florida sells big boats — 21 boats, or 27 percent, of the 76 boats sold were in the 46- to 55-foot range and 20, or 54 percent, of the 37 boats sold were more than 55 feet — will come as no shock. But the fact that Florida also accounted for 26 percent (129 boats) of all boats sold in the U.S. between 26 and 35 feet might come as a surprise.

Seventy-seven percent of all boats sold nationally were powerboats, but in Florida powerboats made up 83 percent of the total.

Next month we will look at how the West Coast compares to Florida and the nation.

This brokerage sales data is unaudited and is voluntarily supplied by YachtWorld.com member brokers. These charts do not represent all boats sold by all brokers: 95% of YachtWorld.com member brokers in the United States contribute sales information. YachtWorld.com and Soundings Trade Only are owned by Dominion Enterprises.


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