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Good Resources for Dealers Just Keep Coming

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has just announced a new resource for dealers on creating a much-needed compliance process in today’s business climate. Meanwhile, the industry’s Discover Boating campaign is also offering still more usable marketing content.

MRAA’s new Guide to Creating a Compliance Process is a 30-plus page publication to ensure that marine retailers have the information, tools and processes in place to protect their businesses, team and customers.

“This guide is one of the most in-depth and robust that we’ve had the privilege to share,” said Liz Walz, MRAA’s vice president. “It is an excellent example of the expertise and insight that MRAA has been able to tap into, thanks to our relationships with many generous, education-minded partners. For this compliance publication, we have partnered with the experts at Dealer Profit Services,” she notes.

MRAA’s genuinely remarkable work in support of the retail side of our industry is often overlooked. Case in point: By the end of this year, MRAA will have launched more than 100 dealer resources, tools and educational offerings. It’s latest guide is among the most in-depth and robustly assembled.

The new guide explains that not having an updated and effective compliance process in place and monitored daily may put a marine business at greater risk for fines and penalties when a related issue suddenly arises.

“As an education partner with MRAA, we developed this Compliance Guide because we recognize it’s an area where there is often significant need for improvement” explained Myril Shaw, CEO of Dealer Profit Services. “We hope to show our MRAA partner’s members how to ensure that compliance shifts from being an event to being a process, and thus demonstrate a pivotal ‘good-faith effort’ in the event that Compliance issues occur.”

The guide is an MRAA members-only publication is available by clicking here.

Its inclusion in this industry-leading library of dealer educational and promotional materials puts a spotlight on the value and importance of MRAA membership. This organization is the national representative of the retail portion of our industry in much the same way the National Marine Manufacturers Association is for that industry segment.

I have said it many times before, and I remind all again today — every marine retailer should be a member of MRAA. The support and benefits you’ll receive far outweigh the small cost. Do it today at:

Discover Boating help is also here

As we look forward, it’s all about continuing to engage new customers. That’s why the latest marketing content available to dealers from Discover Boating is available and right on target.

With high demand and consumer interest for boating continuing, it’s now prime time to increase your marketing efforts and set the stage for continued growth.

Enter Discover Boating latest to help nurture newcomers and engage the next generation boater. Dubbed “Discover Boating B2B,” it’s offering high caliber marketing tools and resources that can be shared on your website and social channels to help drive continued consumer engagement. And, everything is free!

In the “Tools You Can Use” section there are research and education resources designed to elevate the customer service experience and retain the new boaters that have joined our boating lifestyle during the past 16 month. For example:

  • The “Get On Board” Campaign toolkit that ties to the current national campaign being carried by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
  • Great galleries of boating/fishing images and especially action videos that grab attention
  • Excellent web content you can embed directly on your dealership’s website, including such interactive boat buying tools like the Boat Finder and the Boat Loan Calculator, and more.

To see everything available, simply go to:



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