Great time to say thank you


Tis one week till Christmas,

we’re catching the mood,

cause it’s time that we show

some sincere gratitude!

No question it’s important to say thank you to good customers every time they do business with us. But for whatever reason, at this time of year, expressing gratitude can take on a more notable meaning to recipients. So here are a couple of ideas there is still time to get done if you begin now:

A note: Sending the tired old Christmas card isn’t likely to mean much to most recipients, albeit better than nothing. However, a hand-written thank you note that specifically mentions what you’re thanking them for, or what the chance to serve them meant to you, can go a very long way.

In today’s impersonal digital age, a note hand written will trump an email or standard card every time. Recipients will pause to recognize a hand written note. They get it that the sender actually took time to write it out and keep it personal. It’s always a winner.

A call: How about setting aside a defined time each day, from today to Christmas Eve, to sit down and call a specific number of best customers each day? The old-fashioned phone call still beats a Christmas card or even the handwritten note. Since your thank-you message in a call will be short, you can touch a lot of customers by setting aside even just one hour a day over the next six days.

Moreover, while many of them won’t be available to answer, leaving a voicemail still tells them you’re thinking of them and you’re grateful. Oh yes, take a few numbers to call while you’re in the car heading home.

A video: Want to really stand out? Take your iPhone or camera and make a brief, simple selfie video in which you might say: “Just wanted to wish you good cheer, and say how grateful I am for your business this year. All my best wishes, and thank you again.”

The video can be embedded in an email, or if it’s a little longer, it could be uploaded to YouTube and the link sent to customers in an email. For really big customers whose cell numbers may be in your phone contacts, send the video as a text message. Wear a Santa hat or stand next to a Christmas wreath; keep it light, short and sweet. It’s sure to draw a smile and appreciation.

So get out the pen,

or punch in some numbers,

it’s time to say thank you

to ones you remember