Interlux steps up in Miami


There are a lot of awards given out at the Miami International Boat Show. There’s the Innovation Awards, J.D. Power awards and various others recognizing boats, engines and accessories.

At this year’s show, there was also a different type of award handed out. Interlux yesterday announced the winners of its Waterfront Challenge, a program designed to encourage people who care about their local waterfronts to take steps to improve the environment. Entrants had to be groups of three or more people who spent at least one weekend making a difference in their environments and encouraging others to do the same.

While the economy — and its challenges — is the top issue in the boating industry these days, and rightfully so, it’s nice to remember that other issues need attention too. And that’s what Interlux did.

And the paint company put its money where its mouth is. Interlux awarded more than $50,000 in recognition of these groups’ efforts.

The grand prize winner — and recipient of a $30,000 check — was a group of Ohio Sea Scouts from Ship 41 in Bay Village, Ohio. This group designed, tested, redesigned and then retested a series of imaginative flotsam scoops for cleaning debris from their local waterways. Their goal was to create a lightweight, inexpensive scoop with minimal moving parts that could be handled easily by one person, whether on land or on a boat.

In addition, the group educated the community about the environmental issues they encountered at events and also on the Internet. You can see their video on You Tube by searching for Sea Scout Ship 41 Interlux Waterfront Challenge.

Other groups recognized for their efforts include the Racine (Wis.) Yacht Club; Canadian Scouting groups of boys and girls in south central Ontario; the Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society in the British Virgin Islands; a group of scuba divers in Lake Havasu, Ariz.; the Punta Gorda (Fla.) Boaters Alliance; and the Connecticut Community Boating Group.

There are still a lot of people out there who are boating, and thanks to the efforts of these groups, they will have cleaner water as well. Good job!

— Beth Rosenberg
Associate editor, Soundings Trade Only