'It’s My Boat' podcasts are fun and informative


Have you heard about “It’s My Boat” radio podcasts? They haven’t been around long, but they’re already worth putting into your “favorites” file.

“The whole concept behind ‘It’s My Boat’,” explains Barbara Jean Walsh (formerly of Professional BoatBuilder magazine) “is to reach folks who really want to know more about boating. It’s a magazine format that allows us to include a range of interesting topics and be fun and entertaining, too.”

Along with co-host Ann Avary, Walsh might be the most experienced and prolific podcaster in the marine industry. If her name is familiar, you must have been following “ProBoat Radio,” a straight interview podcast narrowly aimed at marine industry professionals. She produced more than 200 editions.

“It’s My Boat” is much more exciting because it allows them to reach a far wider boating audience. Avary notes each show includes a variety of short segments.

“For example, we invite guests in for their expertise,” she says, “but we also want to know why they love boats. I think sometimes that message gets lost. We’ll enjoy hearing about first boats, and their adventures in finding that ‘right’ boat.”

In many ways, “It’s My Boat” brings its followers slices of the boating lifestyle. The show usually has some news items, but can also include interesting tweets they’ve seen the previous week. “We’re not limited,” says Walsh, “we also have an ongoing comedy skit, guest appearances by Ann’s dog Dixie and, heck, we’re even thinking about a ‘Love on the Rocks’ lonely-hearts segment. We’re having fun and we hope everyone that joins us does, too.”

Each weekly episode will have a key theme. “For example, next week’s edition (Jan. 13) will be their first podcast of the New Year and it will feature yours truly (please excuse this self-promo) “Boat show season is here,” says Avary, “and we want people to have a great time at their regional show. Norm is the right guy to fire up some enthusiasm.” (Thank you.)

Examples of other upcoming themes include navigation featuring Steve Sprole from Ritchie; DIY projects with Ted Pike from Edensaw Woods; and themes as diverse as trailering, dragonboating, marine canvas, entertaining kids aboard, and much more.

Besides Avary and Walsh, the on-air crew includes Bart Blankenship of North Carolina Outward Bound providing tips for small boat handling, and marine surveyor Patricia “Pat” Kearns, another familiar voice from “ProBoat Radio.”

“In addition, all four of us will be blogging and adding supplemental interviews, stories, and photos to our website,” Walsh says. “The shows are all archived, so our listeners can visit, browse and enjoy at their leisure. And we encourage comments.”

To tune in, go to Itsmyboat.com or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. New shows will be released each Monday at noon Pacific time beginning Jan. 13.


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